So, I had been feeling sad that come April Jonathan would fly the coop and it would be just David, me and two chihuahuas in the house…

Do you remember refugee mom who thankfully was not deported, AND got to stay with her husband and daughter AND got a one year contract for their apartment? They also added a precious baby boy (SEE PICTURE ABOVE) to the family two weeks ago!

They have had a terrible time with their landlady. So bad that staying in their apartment is not an option although we were ready to try and get them legal help. They must be out of their apartment on Friday. Just 4 days!!! Many are helping them hunt but there are few options. I told them tonight that if they didn’t have a place by Friday morning the boys and I were going to pick them up and bring them to our house to stay till they find a place.

Please pray for them:

*That they discover Jesus wonderful love for them.

*That they feel safe and at home Friday – in whatever nest they land in.